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Congratulations Michael Pritchard on Lifetime Achievement Award


“Two men stared out from prison bars. One saw mud, but the other saw stars.” - Michael Pritchard

Congratulations to Michael Pritchard for receiving a well deserved 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pacific Sun. We are so honored that he is our ambassador-at-large and a volunteer for our organization since the early days. Michael also received national recognition in the Huffington Post for his recent interview with humorist Mark C. Miller.

Michael has been a volunteer for our organization since 1978 when he first did a program at the Delancey St. Foundation in San Francisco. He is always willing to help in varied capacities, whether giving motivational programs for at-risk youth, or emceeing benefit events or attending meetings to help cultivate new supporters. His great faith, comedic genius and commitment to presenting a positive role model for youth represent an important example of our work at Bread & Roses Presents.


In particular, we are grateful that he is willing to speak to our young audiences at juvenile detention facilities and special needs schools like the Hanna Boys Center in Glen Ellen where a hundred teen-aged boys listened intently to a recent program and gathered around afterwards.


With his trademark wit and humor, he imparts inspiring and powerful messages about the importance of the choices we make in life. He gives his audiences opportunities for hope and healing. He offers guidelines for making positive decisions in life.


Some of the youth write letters to Michael and share the impact of his work.

“You helped some of the people here who want to change their lives. I personally think you spoke the truth about gangs and what they can do to you or your loved ones. It helps to know that some people are out there who care for us and want to see us succeed in life. We thank you for your concern and hopefully some of us will make a change.” - From a boy at Contra Costa Juvenile

“You should keep doing what you are doing to help kids like us want to start caring about the things we do. You help us to see that bullying really isn’t worth it because you really don’t know what the other person is going through. One day they might be your firefighter, nurse, doctor, and end up helping us. I’m going to work on fixing myself so I don’t hurt people, because like you said ‘Hurt people hurt people.’ Thanks to you and Bread & Roses for bringing you here to talk to us.” - From a girl at Camp Kemp at San Mateo Juvenile

In Michael’s words, “The best ship to sail on is friendship.” He reminds us of the power of our mission at Bread & Roses, how it is our job to say come walk with us on this path of compassion and sharing of live art, music and culture that truly helps to uplift others.



1) Michael Pritchard

2-4) Michael Pritchard with audience at Hanna Boys Center. Photos by Rio Rossarne, Hanna Boys Center

Post by Marian Hubler

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