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Volunteer Celebration “The JAM” 2016 -- A Day of Joy, Appreciation & Music

Once a year we gather together our volunteer community to celebrate and recognize the many accomplishments of our tribe of dedicated performers, hosts and other supporters who help us produce over 600 annual concerts for isolated audiences throughout the Bay Area.

“The JAM” is always a special day, for it is the one time during the year that our volunteers have the chance to meet and play music with each other. Executive Director Dave Perron welcomed everyone and said “It’s all about the volunteers and how they support our community in an intimate way.”

Ambassador-at-Large Michael Pritchard set the tone as emcee for our assembled group at Unity In Marin in Novato. “What we do at Bread & Roses is build bridges,” he said. “We are the heart. We are the light. We bring kindness and compassion through the healing connection of live music.”

Awards were given to Kurt Huget for Outstanding Performer, Pam Delgado & Jeri Jones for going Above and Beyond, Donovan Plant as Best All Around Volunteer, Sterling Johnson aka The Bubblesmith as Outstanding Performer for Youth, Bob Rose as Outstanding Host, Nancy Cassidy as Most Active Performer, Amy Wigton aka Amy Liz as Outstanding Interactive Performer, Brenda Laribee as Outstanding Event Volunteer, The Jerry Garcia Foundation for Outstanding Visual Arts Contribution, Dick Miner as Volunteer for All Seasons, and Peter Merts for Outstanding Professional Services.

Though they were unable to attend, the following performers were also recognized; Laura Benward as Trailblazer, Matt Nathanson as Return to the Fold, the Urban School Big Band as Outstanding Youth Performers, and Nathan Lee for going Above & Beyond. Awards were also presented to our 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40-year volunteer performers.

webtenyrWe all paused for a few moments to remember those performers who passed away in the last few years. Special recognition was given to the late Audrey Auld whose last CD “Hey Warden” had a number of songs co-written by men at San Quentin during a series of songwriting workshops she presented there for Bread & Roses. Click here to see a video of her Bread and Roses song. It includes images from the Day of Peace 2015 at San Quentin.

Featured performers The Lady Crooners expressed that it was an honor to be with everyone and shared “There is no greater thing we can do as humans than to give love.” They then played a few songs from their latest release “Carry Me Home” including Be Good to Me, Take Me Home and Sweetheart. They generously gave everyone copies of the CD which highlights the harmonies of siblings Nadia, Joseph and Megan Krilanovich, and the musicianship of their band including John Smart who played guitar with them at the JAM.

webladycroonersBefore sending everyone off into the sunshine to enjoy a late lunch and music at two stages, Michael reminded everyone to “Take care of each other, for our work is the solution and the peace that the world so desperately needs.”

webmattThose who were outside got to enjoy music on the courtyard stage played by: Pam Delgado & Jeri Jones, Noctambule featuring Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor with guests Marian Hubler and Tom Neylan, Matt Jaffe, Amy Wigton, Nancy Cassidy and Joey Wolpert, Beth Marlin and The Rippers from Marin Ventures.

On the inside stage, all were entertained by: Sara Lemesh, Gail Muldrow, Donovan Plant, Lucille Steele, Jeanne Skybrook, Alan Thomas, René Jenkins, Ian Dogole, Amity Rose, The Lovemakers, Vladimir Cardema, Francesca Lee, Arthur Javier, Debbie Cucalon, Beth Marlin, Bay Station, Brian ByrnesIn the Swing, Joey Wolpert, Jo D’Anna, Joan Getz, Pat Fahey and Louise Yost, Judy Hall, Neil O’Neill, Carolyn Gauthier, Judi Williams and Tommy Atkin.

Thanks to the entire Bread & Roses staff and particularly Lisa Starbird and Francesca Lee for producing this year’s JAM. We are also extremely grateful to Ken Harrison and Unity In Marin for sponsoring the event. We deeply appreciate all the Unity staff, Bread & Roses volunteers and in-kind contributors that made this year’s volunteer celebration a resounding success.


Click here to read an article about the JAM “Grateful for volunteer music in jails, schools, hospitals” by Marinscope contributor Woody Weingarten in the Ross Valley Reporter the week of August 3.

Post by Marian Hubler

Photos by Peter Merts, Caitlin Albritton, Maureen Hurley and Henry Frank.

Thanks To Our In-Kind Contributors:
American Solutions For Business, Cameron Hughes Wine, H.E.A.R., Kermit Lynch Wine, Marin Brewing Company, Nugget Markets, Southern Wine & Spirits of Northern California, Safeway, Trader Joes, United Markets, US Pure Water, Photography: Peter Merts & Caitlin Albritton, Graphic Design: Kathleen Edwards, Flowers: Judi Williams & Elizabeth Drew.


Photo Captions:

1) 10-Year Volunteer Award Winners with Bread & Roses Staff. Photo by Peter Merts

2) (L-R) Joseph Krilanovich, John Smart, Nadia and Megan Krilanovich of The Lady Crooners. Photo by Caitlin Albritton

3) Matt Jaffe and Pam Delgado on the outdoor stage. Photo by Peter Merts

4) Group photo of volunteers. Photo by Peter Merts

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